Join Us For This Special Book Launch Event

Join Dr. Jamie Marich and Dr. Stephen Dansiger for this webinar, available in real-time and the week following at no cost. In this special ICM program, you can access the content of this webinar for free (with the replay here on Facebook and in a link for Thinkific that will be provided). No CE credit hours of any kind will be offered for the free version of this webinar. If you wish to take the course for credits later, they will be made available at a later time with a small fee. There is no need to pre-register for the free debut special of this course. 

"The Standard EMDR Protocol in the Treatment of Addiction" is steeped directly in the content of their latest book, "Healing Addiction with EMDR Therapy: A Trauma-Focused Guide" out September 21, 2021 from Springer Publishing Company.

A commonly question asked in the EMDR community is: “What special protocol do you use in treating addiction?” EMDR therapy is a complete system of psychotherapy and ought to be honored as such when conceptualizing cases connected to compulsive behavior, substance use disorders, or other addictions. Which specialty protocol you may or may not use is not nearly as important as EMDR therapist’s understanding the entire clinical picture and the power the EMDR therapy’s standard protocol can play in healing the traumatic underpinnings of addiction. This presentation walks you through best practices, based on best available research and insights from clinical experiences for harnessing the full power of how EMDR therapy can be used in client care. Special insights are relayed for addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the prevalence of addictive disorders globally and adapting treatment strategies to telehealth.

The real-time event on 9/16/21 from 12:00-3:00pm ET will only play as a Facebook Live event on Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. Follow the hyperlink to join us! 

We will make the FREE replay available here in the Thinkific portal one week after the live event. We expect the more refined version of the 3-hour course to be back up in a month's time for a fee of $45.00 to access all available credits that ICM offers. 

Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity with us, and if you have questions, please message us at:

There is no need to pre-register for the free debut special of this course.