Healing Spiritual Abuse with EMDR Therapy

Generally defined as the use of God or religion as tools to gain power and control by the abuser, spiritual abuse is one of the most overlooked forms of abuse in clinical settings. However, the willingness to address it will give clinicians added ins


The Power of Process in Healing Trauma & Dissociation

In many trauma-focused modalities, including EMDR therapy, a great deal of fear still abounds on working with various manifestations of dissociation. This course seeks to debunk the myths and provide a practical and sensitive orientation to how the d


Trauma, EMDR Therapy, and Addictions Part 2

Part 2 of this course focuses on case conceptualization with EMDR Therapy and addicted clients, specifically focusing on Phases 3-6. You may take only this part, only Part 2, or take both parts in sequence, depending on your needs.


Trauma, EMDR Therapy, and Addictions Part 1

In this course, you will obtain comprehensive understanding about addiction and human behavior, enhancing your ability to offer EMDR Therapy to such clients.


EMDR Therapy & DBT for Trauma Focused Care: A Beautiful Fusion

In this course, participants will gain deeper insight into just how much DBT and EMDR have in common, and consider a richer array of applications for how one can support the other.


Expressive Arts, Mindfulness, and EMDR Therapy: A Comprehensive Course for EMDR Therapists

This course is for EMDR therapist interested in the fundamentals of Expressive Arts Therapy. Participants will develop an enhanced respect for how to foster client creativity in working with these concepts and their clinical intricacies.